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Women's Pavilion at HemisFair Park, Inc
Our Mission
Revitalization of the Women's Pavilion, originally unveiled during HemisFair '68 in downtown San Antonio.
3C Project
Creativity, Community, and Collaboration come together through this project.
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Donations are critical to our success. Please visit our donations page for donation information.
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HemisFair Park
City of San Antonio


The Women's Pavilion at Hemisfar Park needs your support. The revitalization of this treasured space will depend largely on the donations of individuals and organizations that share its vision. As a 5019(c)3 Tax-Exempt organization, your contribution is tax deductible. There are many ways to donate. All donations are greatly appreciated.

For naming opportunities within the building and throughout the grounds, please contact sawomenspavilion@yahoo.com

Artful Legacy Campaign

As the founders left their handprints in clay in the side of the building, we too wish to leave our handprint for future generations. Initially conceived by Mary Jane Verette, in collaboration with artists Gini Garcia and Kay Lorraine, this project will engrave a person unique handprint and name into a glass tile, which will become part of a wall surrounding the gardens. These glass tile handprints have become affectionately known as “Hemisfair Hands”.

The plan is to incorporate fiber optic lights that will illuminate the hands, showcasing the vast community support that was vital to restore this historic building. We hope that you will join us to leave your handprint that will touch future generations.

Tiles are available for individual handprints, company and family names and logos, or for commemorative tiles for those important women, and men, in our lives who are no longer with us, featuring a Texas Bluebonnet.

You can purchase a hand by contacting Mary Jane Verette at sawomenspavilion.org for payment details, or by purchasing below. Once a hand is purchased below, we will contact you to schedule your hand scan or company information.

Hands Lit Up

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For sponsorships, and all other monetary donations, please donate here.

Tax-deductible Donations can be also be mailed to:

The Women's Pavilion at HemisFair Park, Inc.
P.O. Box 90387
San Antonio, Texas 78209